ALZA is a low-latency anonymous blockchain infrastructure

for decentralized applications.

Announcement:ALZA will be listed on CoinTiger. CoinTiger will open trading for

ALZA/BTC and ALZA/ETH trading pairs at 2018/10/18 08:00 AM (UTC).

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Off-chain payment fields authorize an amount between nodes but the transaction item does not settle until later time. This allows instant transactions processing within the fields and automatically reconcile across all participants.

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All transactions details will be encoded within payment fields before sync back to the supernode, which will prevent highly sensitive information (eg. PII data) leaked to the public.

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Pushing the transaction process to the off-chain payment fields allows us to increase transaction volume by establishing more payment fields proportionally. Therefore, the decentralized network's processing limit does not apply.

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RaFi (Redundant Array of Satellite Infrastructure) is a distributed self-replicating storage system that provides data storage for DApps deployed on ALZA blockchain.

Real - time

Off-Chain payment fields enable instant payments between two participants, Transactions can be confirmed within millisecond.

Ultra Low Cost

The cost of each transaction will be so low that you won' t even notice it.

100% Data Ownership

Individual transation data will only be avaliaible to the participants. No exposure to public.

High Reliability

The data is intelligently replicated and managed by RaFi, Data loss is minimized.

Retail Payment Solution

Instant transaction processing, on-demand settlement and ultra-low transaction processing fees are going to be dream come true for all retailers and small business owners.ALZA' s unique way of processing transactions brings blockchain payment technology to the next level.

E-commerce D-App Build On ALZA Ecosystem

By taking full advantages of ALZA blockchain technology, D-Apps build on ALZA blockchain will be able to send and receive money instantly. With powerful tools like APIs, development tools, SDKs and support provided by the ALZA team, we are building a vibrant ecosystem that helps developers grow their business.

IOT, Gaming, Video Streaming Etc. Enabled By Micropayments

Blockchain is a popular candidate to become the payment infrastructure for the upcoming machine-to-machine economy. The Internet of Things may increase the number of commercial transactions by an order of magnitude - lower transaction cost will boost even more use cases to emerge.

The development of the blockchain technology has made great progress in the past ten years. However, issues of transaction speed and transaction costs prevent blockchain technology from becoming mainstream. ALZA enables real-time transaction and on demand settlement with ultra-low cost, so blockchain is ready for real-world use.